Dreampunk! A Call for Submissions

Dreampunk is the search to build a better world in the ruins of the old. To build a world of equality, liberty and community that reaches for wonder, invention, and a more balanced relationship with ourselves, one another, and with the wild world around us.

We are currently seeking submissions for a ‘Dreampunk!’ magazine for release in the late summer or early autumn 2013. The ‘zine will be a collection of fiction, how-tos, essays, artwork and poetry that aspires towards inspiration, sustainability and co-operation.

Some ideas for possible contributions include:

  • Bushcrafts;
  • Recycling, upcycling, re-use and repair;
  • Recipes and sewing patterns;
  • Fiction, especially speculative/genre fiction;
  • Laments and battle cries;
  • Maker culture and vernacular technology;
  • Travelogues;
  • Permaculture;
  • Skipping (dumpster diving) and squatting;
  • Mythology, alchemy, and the exploration of self;
  • Psychogeography, urban exploration and sense of place;
  • The sublime, the mountaintops and stars;
  • Modern, practical herbalism;
  • Short hints and tips;
  • Ritual and shamanism.

We accept submissions from everybody, and judge each work on its own merits. However, we are particularly interested in hearing the voices of people of colour, women, those who are gay, queer, transgender and genderfluid, the elderly, poor or homeless, dominant and submissive, disabled, and people who are managing mental illness.

The deadline is 1st June, and we are looking primarily for submissions up to 5,000 words. We will likely not be able to pay our contributors, but will offer contributor copies where we can to those who help us make it happen.

Artwork should be pure black on white images due to printing restrictions. Woodcut images or engravings are ideal.

For further information, or to submit to the ‘zine, read the Drempunk Manifesto, or email vagrants[at]amongruins[dot]org.

13 Responses to “Dreampunk! A Call for Submissions”

  1. Hello,

    I am very interested in contributing to your magazine. I do costuming and most of it is upcycled. I am putting together a blog about upcycling and how to’s. I expect it to be up by the end of April. Let me know what I need to do to submit my work and I would be happy to.

    Christina Rhoderick

  2. That sounds great! Just email any submissions over to vagrants[at]amongruins[dot]org and we’ll take a look :)

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  5. Do you wish for simply steampunkish fiction or for something specifically set in a certain setting?

  6. Any story or setting is appropriate, so long as it’s in keeping with the themes and ideas presented in the manifesto :)

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  8. You are welcome to raid my images of my own personal creations which can be found on this board of pinterest

    As a person with a disability I truthfully do not get out often & no chance to mix with any form of Steampunk scene, thus like I suspect many are, remain confined to isolation in interest in steampunk. I tinker in my Bunker laboratory where I create in isolation.

    Boffins Bunker

  9. Thanks so much! If I can find a place for any of your lovely images, I’ll definitely take you up on that (and credit you, of course!). And, should you ever be interested in writing something on disability in steampunk, then I’m sure that we (and/or our friends over at SteamPunk Magazine) would love to read it. It’s exactly the thing we’re trying to include more of :)

  10. I LOVE the ideas put forth here … not to mention the name “Vagrants among ruins” and the description of the hopes for the publication. Will see if I can’t find something, someone who contribute. Best of luck!!

  11. Currently in transit between past lives and future life (lives), so a bit out of pocket at the moment. Howsomeever, I savvy y”all”s lingo and wish to engage ASAP. My performance project, an Edutainment Prayerformance, will be be ready to unleash on an unsuspecting world this autumnal season. Meanwhile, I will keep your efforts in my thoughts and prayers and will be subscribing to Steampunk Mag soon.

  12. Hey! Glad you like what we’re doing. Looking forwards to seeing more of this performance project of yours :)

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