Read on for information about how to submit your fiction, poems, essays and artwork, how to get in touch about contributing to our blog, and other ways you can join in…

Submission Guidelines

Vagrants Among Ruins publishes fiction with a particular focus on genre (especially fantasy, science fiction, steampunk &c), as well as non-fiction and poetry. We are interested in anything which challenges existing social, economic and political power structures, and either whispers of another way, or shows us how to live despite of it. Show us work that draws on myth, legend and magic, people who aren’t afraid to act on dissenting voices, and how technology can be used to liberate instead of oppress. But we don’t want pretty fairytales. We want stories of imperfect people living in imperfect worlds, making mistakes and dealing with the consequences. We want tales of life, death and raw creativity, and writings that give us tattered roadmaps of how to navigate it all.

And we want to hear from those of you out there who share our interests. In no particular order, these include (but are not limited to):

  • grassroots activism
  • post-civilisation
  • collaborative storytelling
  • travel narratives
  • upcycling
  • maker culture
  • urban exploration
  • feminism
  • disabled activism
  • alchemy
  • gender fluidity
  • environmentalism
  • mythology
  • permaculture
  • anti-colonialism
  • open source and copylefting
  • LGBTQI activism
  • street art
  • psychogeography
  • social justice
  • ritual
  • wilderness
  • travelogues
  • collectives & co-operatives
  • star-gazing
  • folk science
  • Jungian psychology
  • Romanticism
  • exploration
  • anarchism
  • class war
  • gender flipping
  • primitive crafts
  • deep green resistance
  • apocalypse
  • lo-fi

Vagrants Among Ruins predominantly publishes in both print and digital formats simultaneously, and is mostly focused on works between 10k and 30k words long, or 25 to 60 pages of A5 (roughly half-legal size for all you US folks). This can take the form of collections of poetry or short stories, novellas or essays of your own work, or alternatively collections/zines that you’ve compiled and edited yourself containing works from a number of different writers–assuming that you have everyone’s full consent to do so. We also put out periodic calls for submissions on themed collections, which you are invited to submit individual pieces and shorter works to. If needs be, we will consider individual stories, poems and articles in their own right, and there is also the potential for us to expand into publishing full-length books, novels etc in the future. Basically: if we like what you’re doing, we will find somewhere to put it.

Likewise, we’re not too fussy on the formatting of works that we receive. Standard manuscript formatting is fine, as is everything else so long as it is legible and easy-to-read and has the title and the author’s name at the top. Submissions should be in .doc, .rtf or .odt format and attached to an email with a brief introduction telling about yourself and your work (this can be as informal as you’d like). We’re also happy accept submissions in other ways, including by snail mail. Please get in touch with us via the email address below to work something out.

We aims to respond to all submissions within three months, however there may be a little give-and-take on this depending on how inundated we are at the time. If you have waiting for more than three months and haven’t heard back from us, please feel free to send us a (not so gentle) reminder!


Payment at the moment is most likely to be in the form of a contributor copy only, although this may vary for self-contained works such as novels and poetry collections. We are a non-profit organisation, and would very much like to pay our writers and artists for their work. At the moment, however, any money we receive is being used to cover past and future printing costs, finance tables at trade fairs, and to cover the hosting for the website. When this changes, details here will be updated.


Vagrants won’t ask you to give up any of your rights to your work, and won’t ask you to sign any contracts. We prefer to deal with each other as human beings. We aim to put out the majority of our publications under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported licence. Again, however, this is something that’s up for discussion on a case-by-case basis. If you would like your work to be published under a licence other than the one above, please mention this in the email attached to your submission.

Join In

Lastly, we’re also very interested in hearing from artists and other creative sorts interested in working with us, both in print and for the blog. Please bear in mind, however, that if you would like us to print any kind of visual artwork, it will need to be in pure black and white (no greyscale, and definitely no photographs or full colour images!). Obviously, this doesn’t apply to images published on the website, which can be anything you want as long as they’re yours.

We’re always looking for people who would be interested in contributing to the project in other ways, and would love to hear from anyone who would like to write for our blog, help out with distribution or social media, contribute to reading some of the submissions we get in, or anything else that you can think of!

Please also drop us a line if you have suggestions for things that we might like to review, talk about, or include on our website. All enquiries etc can be made through the email address given below.

That’s it!

Please send any submissions or queries to: