Vagrants Among Ruins is a UK-based publishing endeavour, printing fiction and non-fiction which challenges consumption, consumerism and discrimination. We accept that our current way of life is both unsustainable and transitory, and seek to reimagine what sort of world we might choose to build in its place. This new age requires new myths and legends: stories that will guide us along these untrodden paths and help us to grow and develop both as individuals, and as communities within our local environments. Genre and speculative fiction (especially fantasy, science fiction and steampunk works) are uniquely placed to tell these stories, and so we seek to share works which are both beautiful and political, mythical writings which reflect our world (or lay foundations for a better one), pieces that centralise the experiences of those on the fringes of society, and fiction and non-fiction alike that delves into the worlds of making, mending, re-wilding and folk science.

We are anarchists and anti-racists, feminists and makers, gardeners, mythic storytellers, and wanderers in the worlds of the post-civilised. We seek to publish as many of these ideas as we’re able, to enable collaboration and the sharing of creativity, to pay our authors as much as we can, and make our works freely available under Creative Commons licencing where possible.

We are also a blog that seeks to post (and re-post) essays and articles relevant to our interests, and review some of our favourite things. We are always looking for others to get involved in this journey through submitting work for publication, writing for our blog, or otherwise letting us know about cool stuff that we might otherwise have missed.